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Psalm 63

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Thought of the Day
(Courtesy of Our Daily Bread)

The dearest friend on earth
is but a mere shadow
compared to Jesus.

Global Prayer Digest
Get involved. Pray today to help fulfill
Christ's commission to make disciples
of all the peoples of the earth.

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Mighty God
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Psalm 147

Charles Spurgeon
Quote of the Day
"What is there to be said to you sinners about this power of the Spirit? Why, to me, there is some hope for you. I cannot save you; I cannot get at you. I make you cry sometimes--you wipe your eyes, and it is all over. But this power can save you. It is able to make your eyes run with tears, though they have been like rocks before."
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Spurgeon's Morning and Evening
August 1, 2015

Sermon Snippets
My Everlasting Father declares me a son and all the privileges that go with it.

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August 1
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